Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Really Good Bosses

In my sixteen years as an educator, and even in my teenage years and twenties before I became a professional in the full-time workforce, I have been exceptionally fortunate to have been led by some dynamic managers. I remember these leaders as humble, caring, trusting, fair, flexible, and motivational. …

Photo by Moe Magners from Pexels

I’m not old enough to bestow any earth-shattering, multi-generational wisdom onto the youth of tomorrow, but I’m no spring chicken either. As a veteran teacher and mother of two, I’ve learned some tricks when it comes to approaching adulthood in a graceful and organized fashion. …

Lauren Warliga

Lauren brings insight and humor to weight gain, relationships, parenting, work, divorce, and bad dates. She lives in NC with her two kids and three dogs.

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